Ancient Healing Works


I just wanted to let you know how deeply your massage work has affected my health. You have a natural healing energy that is a major part of the work you do, and my physical and energy bodies are responding well to this. Because of your massages, I am experiencing more mobility, higher energy, more peacefulness, and balance in my own life. I am sure that because of your work with me I am also responding better to the naturopathic work that I am receiving at the same time to let go of this extra weight and tiredness, as well as my issues with Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you for being a part of my healing process and opening up the energy channels to receive good health and happiness. You have an ancient gift and a direct link to source. Thank you for being willing to share this with others.
-- Anna Mancini, Bellingham

Leif, thank you. By the time I had walked down the stairs and across the street, I knew that my hands were feeling better. It is now nearing the end of the next day and the hands feel better, much better. As I said from the first rub this week, it is not my imagination, the hands are in much less pain. I'm not at a loss to explain it, but I'am happy that this is happening. It has really been about four years that I've had the hurt and thought that I was going to live with this for the rest of my life. Your work is so very good.
-- Michael Bucove, Bellingham

I wanted to thank you for an incredibly healing experience. It has been a long, long time since I have had bodywork done which accomplished so much in so short a time. My body was processing so much healing energy I could feel it resonate for a full 24 hours after. The following day I was sitting peacefully, enjoying the light energy. It was just this slow release like a flower unfolding and I felt a direct connection to my heart chakra. The accompanying emotional release cannot be described in words. Throughout this week I have experienced much clarity in my meditations and many other more subtle body changes. At one point during the session I could actually feel such an intense energy radiating from your hands as you worked on my spine I felt sure my kundalini was shooting off sparks! You won't recognize me as my hip has actually aligned itself and I am no longer tilting sideways! I noticed this morning when I was working out. Thank you again so very much! I have had a lot of people try, but no one was able to accomplish that. I appreciate so much the work and discipline that goes into being such a highly skilled channel for a very high frequency of healing energy. I am looking forward to continue the healing work with you.
-- BW, Bellingham

When I started with Leif, my energy was pretty low but when he worked on me I could feel the warmth and energy in his hands being absorbed by my body during the massage. At the end of each session he cradles my head and the energy seems to just be drawn in from his hands though my head down to my toes - in waves of replenishing warmth and vigor. Each week I come out of his studio with a sense of well being and liveliness for the weekend and his efforts seems to carry me throughout the week, but I am always happy to get back at the end of the week to see him. Leif is a deeply caring and sensitive person and my weekly time with him has become a delightful and extraordinary experience. -- Sam Lindsey, Bellingham

I did feel relaxed almost immediately and enjoyed the massage. I did notice at the end especially a warm feeling of energy enter my body when you hands were resting on my head during the final moments of the massage. This energy enveloped my body and I felt peace. Since I began my massages with you my whole body has functioned on a healthier level. I am able to relax easily. I am able to get back to that place of peace effortlessly. As I am being graced by the healing energy, I am filled with peace and often find myself considering the time and space a religious experience. At the end of each session in the final moments of grace, I will feel myself smiling with no prompting. It is a natural response to the energy that is flowing through me. Truly one of the most wonderful ways I can take care of myself. You have an amazing gift Leif. Thank you for sharing it and following your calling.
-- Yvonne DeSaulniers, Bellingham

I thank you for your sensitivity, empathy and for the good you do and are. I treasure the sessions I have been fortunate to experience with you not only for your capacity to soften, through your professional skill, the pain resulting from my accident, but even more for the clarity and compassion in your look, your mind, your heart and your touch. I consider you a rare gift in this world! Campbell said of art, "When a fortunate rhythm has been struck by the artist, you experience a radiance. You are held in aesthetic arrest. That is the epiphany." There is a most fortunate rhythm between who you are and what you do, Leif ... I would call that the state of true art.
-- Neely Quinlan, Everson